Archaeological sites of Poros.

1.Ancient Kalavria/ Poseidon's Sanctuary

2.Byzantine Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi.( 18th Century)

3. The building of the Russian naval Station. ( 1834-36) - Beautiful Beach

4. Modi Islet - Mycenaean structures( 12th Century)

5. Bourtzi Islet: Fort founded by Heydeck


The Clock/ Poros Town

Archaeological sites of Troizenia.

1. Megali Magoula: Mycenaean tholos tombs, prehistoric acropolis/ Late Classical fort.


2. Ancient Troizen/ Roman tomb building ( 2nd cent. A.C.)

a.Tower of Hellenistic fortification

b. The sanctuary of Hippolutos

c. The Byzantine Church of Panagia Episkopi, roman tomb- buildings

d. The Byzantine Monastery of St Demetrios ( 17th cent.) 


3. Devil's Bridge



Archaeological sites of Methana.

1. Isthmus of Methana/ Fabvier's fort ( 1826-27)

2.Palaiokastro Hill/ Ancient Acropolis ( 4th-3rd cent. BC)

3. Classical Tower/ Throni Plain ( 4th cent. BC)

4. Agios Konstantinos, Mycenaean sanctuary ( 14th-13th cent. BC)



Poros                                                                      Mainland 


1. Love Bay                                                             1. Metamorfosi ( Psifta)

2. Russian Bay                                                       2. Votsalakia ( Katinai's Beach Bar)

3. Monastery Beach                                              3. Aliki Beach 

4. Vagionia Beach                                                  4. Artimos Beach

5. Askeli Beach

Love Bay Beach/ Neorio Bay

Nearby islands


2. Spetses

3. Aigina


Poros Town/ Galatas

Visits in the mainland.

1. Nafplion town. It was the capital of the first Hellenic Republic and Kingdom of Greece.

( 1821-1834) / Palamidi castle

2. Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus ( built by Polykleitos, the younger in 340 BC)

3. Mycenae ( archaeological site near Mykines founded 1350-1200 BC)

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus