Archaeological sites of Poros.

1.Ancient Kalavria/ Poseidon's Sanctuary

2.Byzantine Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi.( 18th Century)

3. The building of the Russian naval Station. ( 1834-36) - Beautiful Beach

4. Modi Islet - Mycenaean structures( 12th Century)

5. Bourtzi Islet: Fort founded by Heydeck

The Clock/ Poros Town

The Clock/ Poros Town

Archaeological sites of Troizenia.

1. Megali Magoula: Mycenaean tholos tombs, prehistoric acropolis/ Late Classical fort.

2. Ancient Troizen/ Roman tomb building ( 2nd cent. A.C.)

a.Tower of Hellenistic fortification

b. The sanctuary of Hippolutos

c. The Byzantine Church of Panagia Episkopi, roman tomb- buildings

d. The Byzantine Monastery of St Demetrios ( 17th cent.) 

3. Devil's Bridge

Archaeological sites of Methana.

1. Isthmus of Methana/ Fabvier's fort ( 1826-27)

2.Palaiokastro Hill/ Ancient Acropolis ( 4th-3rd cent. BC)

3. Classical Tower/ Throni Plain ( 4th cent. BC)

4. Agios Konstantinos, Mycenaean sanctuary ( 14th-13th cent. BC)



Poros                       Mainland 

1. Love Bay              1. Metamorfosi ( Psifta)

2. Russian Bay          2. Votsalakia ( Katinai's Bar)

3. Monastery Beach  3. Aliki Beach 

4. Vagionia Beach     4. Artimos Beach

5. Askeli Beach

Nearby islands


2. Spetses

3. Aigina

Visits in the mainland.

1. Nafplion town. It was the capital of the first Hellenic Republic and Kingdom of Greece.

( 1821-1834) / Palamidi castle

2. Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus ( built by Polykleitos, the younger in 340 BC)

3. Mycenae ( archaeological site near Mykines founded 1350-1200 BC)

Love Bay Beach/ Neorio Bay

Love Bay Beach/ Neorio Bay

Poros Town/ Galatas

Poros Town/ Galatas

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus



12.05.2021 07:27

Hi! We are opposite of Poros island on the mainland. From Galatas city we are 6 kilometers away. % minutes by car or taxi. Thank you.

lynn edde

11.05.2021 15:19

Hello how far is this resort from poros town

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Καλησπέρα σας, Ενδιαφέρομαι για 30/8-1/9, είμαστε 2 ενήλικες και 2 παιδιά 13 και 8 ετών, υπάρχει διαθεσιμότητα ; Σας ευχαριστώ εκ των προτέρων. Τιμές επίσης για μαθήματα σκι ;

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Alain, we have spoken on whatsapp- still trying to find some dates for you, as August is very busy. You will hear from me shortly

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Hello Nicky. We have avialability in October, Please give more specific dates to send you what we can offer you.

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